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Micro-Wedding & Elopement Packages


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I’ve listed a few of the most commonly asked about calligraphy services below.




wedding products and services

All prices are made based on a $15/hr minimum for everyday services and $20/hr for more advanced services, + materials.

Delivery/Return/RSVP Address Calligraphy


(***CURRENTLY 20% off Return/RSVP addresses with purchase of same number of Delivery addresses***)

Name Only Inner or Outter Envelope


Return Address Stamp or Sticker Design Only


Return Address Stamp application,

Return Address Sticker Application,

Postal Stamp Application -minus cost of stamps,

Envelope Stuffing

.20¢/envelope UP TO $15/hr

 (meaning, if you have 3 envelopes they’re .20¢ a piece to stamp or stuff, but if you have 300, I’ll charge by the hour to save you some dough)



Non-listed services, such as lettering by request on items you may or may not already have, designing a wedding invitation suite, or requesting a custom piece of art, here’s a little of my math to help you figure out what your quote’s ball park might end up being.


More Services:

Hand Lettering (markers, paint pens, etc)

$1.00 a letter up to $15/hr

(meaning if you have 300 letters for me to write, I charge by hour to save you money)

Dip Pen Calligraphy

$2.00 a letter up to $20/hr 

Water Color Calligraphy

$2.00 a letter up to $20/hr

Glass Engraving

$2.00 a letter up to $20/hr

Wood Burning

$2.00 a letter up to $40/hr


$2.00 a letter up to $20/hr

Custom Signage

$1.00 a letter up to $15/hr + materials

Custom Digital Art


Custom Invitation Design





ALLLLLLLLLL of that being said, for those of you who care to hear my opinion on it, here it is: I absolutely HATE getting on Pinterest and having to scroll through  pages of blog writing to get to the recipe so I thought some of you might find it helpful to have the blogging part last lol. I PERSONALLY believe that wedding planning… with all of it’s odds and ends and decision making, should. Be. EASY. ….

Yes, yes, I know, HOW??? Well hopefully that starts here with one calligrapher giving you the information you need upfront. You’re a busy person and I totally get that.  Here’s my pitch….

Let me do everything I can to personalize, customize, and simplify your wedding, event, or home decor with one-of-a-kind, exquisite work for fair and honest prices. 

I hope you give me the opportunity to help beautify your wedding and simplify your wedding planning process. 

If you found this page helpful, want to say hello, or have a question or quote request, please feel free to email me below and I will get back to you within 24-48 hours, although I do try to answer immediately if I’m able. Can’t wait to hear from you!


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