“I strive for an exceptional level of professionalism and kindness with a luxurious, whimsical design.” – Jessica Wofford

About Me


My name is Jessica Wofford and I am the owner and founder of Wofford Calligraphy. 

I learned calligraphy when I was 12 years old from my father. He was a sign painter who owned and founded his own business as well! I’ve learned many things from him throughout this life, but calligraphy is my favorite thing to talk about! 


After learning calligraphy at 12 (with a very old fountain pen), my interests widened to painting, drawing, writing stories and song lyrics. Though song lyrics have served me the least in this business, all of the other skills have come in quite handy. 

I paint digital watercolor art that can be used to create custom designed wedding invitations, signs, monograms, letterheads, and logos. I paint watercolor images of homes for moving announcements and home art. I engrave acrylic wedding invitations, wine bottles, perfume bottles, and just about any glass I can get my hands on.

And last but certainly not least, I adore getting to sit at my desk every morning with my cup of coffee, the sound of my two- and three-year-olds watching PBS in the background, the sun shining perfectly onto the desk that my husband made me, writing calligraphy with pen and ink.